Huta Pokój Profile and Huta Pokój Konstrukcje have started using the SOOT system

At the beginning of December 2019 two companies included in the HUTA POKÓJ Capital Group have started using the latest version of the SOOT system.

Huta Pokój Profile Sp. z o.o. deals with the production and sale of cold formed and hot rolled sections.

Huta Pokój Konstrukcje Sp. z o.o. deals in the production of all kinds of steel constructions (eg tank structures, bridge structures and halls) and welded sections (including I-beams welded with a straight web, I-sections welded with a converging web- box beams and castellated beams). The company also provides design and assembly services as well as technical consulting services.

The SOOT system, thanks to its configuration capabilities, supports the work of two companies within its one installation. As a result, companies can use e.g. a common database of transport companies but publish separate auctions, while employees can have access to documents belonging only to the selected company.

The mentioned functionality of the SOOT system can also be used in the case of corporations with many branches in their structures. Appropriate system configuration will provide access to specific common elements, leaving others hidden only for a particular branch. However, nothing prevents corporate department employees who look after the entire organization from being able to view all events at any location.

We encourage transport and forwarding companies interested in providing services for Huta Pokój Profile and Huta Pokój Konstrukcje to register in the SOOT system:

SOOT Huta Pokój Profile, Huta Pokój Konstrukcje 

Approval of the company by a logistics employee will enable cooperation in the field of transport ordered by these companies.