Shipment tracking


The SOOT system enables closer cooperation with the customer, increasing his satisfaction. Acting as an online platform, SOOT allows you to interact with the client in two ways.

First, the customer can receive an e-mail from the system with link to the website, where he will be able to view the current status of the ordered goods.



 Depending on the configuration, SOOT can inform the customer about:


    • The fact of accepting the transport order by the carrier
    • Truck being ready for loading at the supplier
    • Loading start time
    • Loading end time
    • Departure of the car to the customer
    • reporting by the driver that the shipment has been delivered


In addition, SOOT allows the customer to confirm the correctness and timeliness of delivery and to report any reservations in the process of tracking the shipment.
The second way to cooperate with a client in the SOOT system is to create an individual account with a password for such a client. Then he will be able to advise his receipts (or deliveries) on his own transport. In this case, the customer or his carrier will be able to choose a convenient time slot and monitor the timeliness of service (e.g. delay in arriving the car in relation to the plan).

By including your clients in online collaboration:


    • You will improve customer relationships by enabling them to provide you with feedback on your deliveries
    • You will increase the reliability of information reported by forwarders.
    • You will improve the timeliness of transport.
    • You will eliminate or significantly reduce telephone and e-mail communication with the customer in terms of planned delivery times.
    • You will improve the planning of loading / unloading carried out independently by customers (recipients / suppliers).
    • By marking all stages of service with time stamps and collecting customer comments in one database, you will significantly reduce the number of irregularities and bottlenecks.




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