Valuation of transport

The unique functionality of the SOOT system is the "Valuation" module. It enables the company to set up and organize the way of communication between the sales department and forwarding employees.


Organize the method of obtaining information on transport costs inside the enterprise 
inquiries to the forwarding department and return quotes without emails and telephones

A common scenario in the company:


    • To present a commercial offer to a customer, a sales employee needs to know the cost of transport per 1 000 items of the product.
    • They e-mail the forwarding department with an inquiry about the transportation costs, stating the expected route and expected start date of the contract.
    • However, to determine the actual costs, a logistics officer needs additional information – the admissible car loading capacity or the expected return time of returnable containers, or the party to pay insurance costs at least. Thus, they ask the sales department staff about it by e-mail.
    • Upon receiving the indispensable clarifications, the logistics officer checks the contracts signed with the forwarders. When needed, they obtain the price from the market and reply to the sales staff that the cost of one freight for the route and time set and upon meeting other terms and conditions would be 1,500 PLN.
    • The sales officer is forced to re-calculate the cargo cost for 1 000 product units and later they send the offer to the customer.
    • The customer accepts the offer and the contract is being closed.
    • The contract is being performed and it occurs that instead of the planned 5 pallet layers, the car can only take 4 because a higher car will not be able to enter the client’s warehouse. The transportation costs will increase significantly, making the entire contract unprofitable.


Force the sales department to provide all necessary information 
to determine the cost of transport (e.g. the permissible height of the car or the amount of product expected to be on one pallet)

And this is how the above scenario could be improved using the "Valuation" module of the SOOT system:


    • A salesman who needs to know the transportation costs browses through the pricing database, checking whether a similar query was made by other employees in the past.
    • If the required information cannot be find in the database, the salesperson fill in a predefined price inquiry form, in which, depending on the product being transported, the SOOT system dynamically forces the provision of required and optional information.
    • The sales officer sends an inquiry to the logistics officer, additionally stating the expected unit (e.g. 1000 product units).
    • Upon receiving the inquiry in the SOOT system, a logistics officer determines the transportation costs, being able to use the prices offered by forwarders during the tender procedures and auctions and the and a calculator enabling the inclusion of additional components and the conversion of costs from one unit to another (e.g. re-calculate the cargo price into the price for 1 000 units).
    • Having prepared a quote, the logistics specialist sends the valuation as a response to the salesman's inquiry, and also publishes it in the pricing database at the same time
    • For one inquiry, there can be numerous valuations made, with slightly different parameters


Convert the cost of transport to any unit convenient
for sales officers, including all the details

What benefits will you derive from using the “Valuation” module in SOOT?


    • You will optimize the communication between the sales and forwarding departments
    • By working on one, shared database, you will eliminate misunderstandings in determining the company transportation costs
    • You will reduce the workload of forwarding department staff and you will speed up the time when sales officers get the transportation costs
    • You will be able to plan costs more easily and prepare offers for new markets


Let sales officers browse through similar valuationsy 
to minimise the number of inquiries to the forwarding department

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