The SOOT system works as a dedicated solution for each company. The license is granted to the company for a fee, and the amount of the fee is determined individually based on the analysis of the user's functional requirements. 

The SOOT system can be implemented and used in three main models:

    • Software as a Service (SaaS) - enabling the use of the SOOT system as an IT service operating in a server environment administered by our company. In the presented model there is no need to incur separate costs related to the purchase of hardware and server software and its maintenance by its own IT services. The only thing a user in the company has to have is a web browser and Internet access. In this model, the license entitling to use the SOOT system is granted for the duration of the contract.
    • On premises - traditional purchase of an indefinite software license enabling the use of the SOOT System on your company's server. This model is intended for enterprises which, due to the adopted IT security policies, want to have full control over the server environment on which the system will be running.
    • Hosting - combining options 1 and 2 - i.e. granting an indefinite license entitling to use the software with simultaneous hosting of the application in a server environment administered by Zespół Efektywne Technik Komputerowych S.A. The model is often used in situations where the company intends to transfer the SOOT system to its IT resources in the future, but currently it does not have the required infrastructure or does not have the funds to carry out such an operation.

The undeniable advantages of SOOT licensing in each of the presented models:

    • The license is valid for an unlimited number of users (any number of accounts for logistics, warehousemen, carriers, contractors, etc.)
    • The system is free for users from the company's environment - carriers, forwarders, suppliers and recipients.
    • There are no limits, additional fees or commissions on completed operations. *

When choosing a model, you should consider:

    • First model is characterized by lower costs of one-time implementation related to the distribution of payments in the form of a fixed monthly subscription.
    • The implementation of the system in the SaaS or hosting model, in most cases allows for faster system startup, due to the lack of the need to purchase or configure the server environment by the user.
    • In the course of individual arrangements, it is possible to launch the SOOT system in the SaaS model based on an indefinite agreement with one month's notice.

The fact that we are a software producer and we can provide our services based on our own server infrastructure allows us great flexibility in approaching the needs of recipients

* Does not apply to activities for which it is necessary to use the functionalities offered by external service providers, e.g. SMS notifications.