Time slots


Along with the transport order sent to the forwarder, the time frame for loading and unloading is defined (time windows, time slots). The unique functionality of the SOOT system is used here, enabling multi-level planning of the time of truck arrival and, if applicable, the date of delivery to the customer.

First of all, SOOT allows you to specify very flexible work schedules for warehouses and nodes and their capacity.
In addition, it is possible to specify the required time frame for loading / unloading at each node for each order.
The freight forwarder may also indicate a specific, unoccupied time slot in which he plans to arrive the truck within the time set in the previous two points.



The following parties are involved in multi-stage planning:


    • Sales department employees
    • Logistics and shipping department employees
    • Forwarders and carriers
    • Customers (suppliers and recipients)


What benefits did SOOT bring to our clients in the terms of booking time slots and notification:


    • Car queues in front of factory gates have been virtually eliminated
    • The loading and unloading planning has been significantly improved
    • The waiting time for loading / unloading has been reduced by up to 3 hours
    • By registering delays in the delivery of the car by the forwarder in relation to the planned notification, 60 to 80% of cars currently arrive on time
    • Forwarders' charges has been reduced for parking the car in front of the entrance gate and waiting in a queue
    • The number of telephone, fax and e-mail contacts with forwarders was reduced by up to 80% in the scope of reconciliation of notification data and deadlines for trucks arrivals
    • Registration of the truck arrival by security officers was simplified, and the time of formal and administrative service at the gate was reduced to the necessary minimum (less than 1 minute)
    • By reserving "time slots" for both Franco and Loco transports, as well as for the supply of raw materials carried out independently by suppliers, the time necessary to agree on such transports was reduced by up to 50%
    • The number of communication errors has been virtually reduced to zero
    • Ratios of on time delivery (OTD) were considerably improved




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