Cooperation with carriers and forwarders

One of the most important advantages of the SOOT system is the ease of establishing cooperation between the company and the forwarder or carrier. The forwarder completes himself the online application form on the company's website, and on its basis an employee of the shipper (logistician), with one click can accept or reject such carrier for cooperation. The system also ensures that the forwarder before starting cooperation provides all documents required by the company - licenses, certificates, policies, etc.


By using the SOOT platform to communicate with freight forwarders and carriers, companies note the following benefits:

    • they acquire much more new carriers for cooperation, without the need to increase employment at their freight forwarding departments
    • thanks to the auction and tender module they reduce transport costs by up to 35% per year
    • they automate the process of transfering the transport orders to carriers and forwarders, keeping continuous control over their processing
    • they move some clerical duties to forwarders, e.g. the need to enter notification data or update contact details, etc.
    • they reduce the number of telephone, fax and e-mail contacts by up to 80%
    • thanks to the functionality of time slots, they significantly reduce the time the carrier waits for loading or unloading, thus reducing the costs of parking or investment in parking spaces
    • they obtain data for further negotiations with forwarders (e.g. number of delivery delays in the last quarter)
    • they raise trust of forwarders and carriers,as each and every of their activities is transparent

  • Współpraca s1
    Cooperate with your trusted carriers only
  • Współpraca s2
    Let forwarders do some work for you
  • Współpraca s3
    Make the life of forwarders easier by automating their activities, and consequently your cooperation will become more rewarding.
  • Współpraca s4
    Transparent rivalry among forwarders will bring you tangible financial savings
  • Współpraca s5
    Information sharing with the carrier stands for fewer redundant e-mails and phone calls



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