Transport planning


planowanie transportuThanks to the transport planning functionality, the SOOT system optimizes the number of transports, reduces empty runs and thus - ultimately contributes to the reduction of costs incurred for transport.

From the utility side, the transport planning module supports the joining of individual orders into ready transports. The implemented algorithms can suggest combining shipments of individual orders, among others based on destination, expected delivery date, priorities, product groups, special requirements, e.g. ADR, controlled temperature, etc.

The user receives current information about the degree of filling a given means of transport with loads, and thanks to the intuitive method of "drag and drop" can easily modify the final content planned to be transported by a given means of transport.

However, as practice shows, often the plans do not necessarily coincide with reality. Frequently occurring situations such as production delays or damage to goods during loading mean that a load other than previously planned leaves physically the plant. Appropriate configuration of the system makes it possible to take into account discrepancies that may arise already at the stage of physical handling of loading, such as the lack of loading of goods planned for dispatch. Such goods may return to the orders list and then be included in further planning.

As with other scenarios for the use of the SOOT system, data on individual orders can be transferred to the system from an external program used in the company, e.g. ERP, as well as can be created from scratch in the SOOT system itself.

The user interface also allows you to view planned transports on the map, along with displaying a summary of the estimated route length and transport time.


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