The SOOT system is not a "box solution", so you can't just buy, install and start using it.


    • The decision to implement the system is always preceded by a presentation, and in most cases also a description of currently implemented processes and assumed improvements, as well as conducting workshops with the key system users.
    • After deciding to start cooperation and finalize formal issues, the first step is to carry out the pre-implementation analysis during which, with the involvement of both parties, all issues necessary to properly configure and run the system are discussed and described in detail. The resulting document also contains a description of any system modifications required by the customer and describes in detail the scope and ways of possible integration with other internal systems operating in the enterprise, e.g. ERP or WMS.


The next steps during implementation are preparing the server environment for system installation, carrying out the necessary programming work and system configuration.


    • After giving the final shape to the system, it is the turn of tests simulating its daily operation. As a result, you can make any corrections and modifications to the settings.
    • In order for the system to optimally fulfill its role, it is necessary to conduct training for all user groups, including local system administrators, who, regardless of the assistance provided by our company, will be able to quickly respond to the current needs of system users.
    • Depending on the complexity of the implementation, after training you can go to the production start or specify a test period during which the system already functions in the client's business environment.


After successful implementation, we monitor the degree of implementation of the planned improvements and jointly look for further areas for optimization.