For carriers and forwarders

General information

SOOT is a transportation management system dedicated to production and trading companies which are using mainly transportation services offered by external carriers and forwarders.

SOOT is at the same time a logistics platform which improves the work of carriers and forwarders by transfering contacts and documents exchange with the shipper to a single digital form, thus eliminating the need for multiple phone calls or sending e-mails.

Questions and Answers

No, registration in the SOOT Carriers and Forwarders Database as well as in individual systems of our clients is completely free. No fee is charged for operations performed under the SOOT system, regardless of their number.
No, the SOOT system is dedicated to each client (shipper). This means that systems are not connected in any way but their operation is similar. It should be remembered that each customer may have individual rules of cooperation with carriers / forwarders.
It depends on the individual decision. The person who is registering the company in the system has the right to add additional users and give them permission to log into the system. Also several employees can work simultaneously with the same login. If the carrier / forwarder registers in the systems of different customers, both the login and password can be the same, but there is a need to log in individually in each system.

SOOT Carriers and Forwarders Database

Create an account in our SOOT Cariers and Forwarders Database and increase the chances of starting long-term cooperation with other companies

Benefits from registration:

  • information about your company will be presented to our new customers
  • you will automatically rceive updates about the implementation of SOOT by new clients along with the website address under which the SOOT will operate
  • if the shipper accepts your company in his SOOT system, you will be able to take part in auctions and RFQs and you will gain the possibility of efficient communication and operation on the logistics platform
  • you will get a simple transport notification method for your transports without need of sending hundreds of e-mails or making countless phone calls

Bear in mind! The SOOT system is a dedicated solution for every shipper. Registration in the SOOT Carriers and Forwarders Database does not guarantee that every shipper will cooperate with your company. In order to make specific and individual arrangements regarding the terms of cooperation, please contact separately each company that uses the SOOT system.


We encourage you to register directly in selected companies which use the SOOT system and are willing to expand their database with new carriers and freight forwarders: