Electronic transport orders

elektroniczne zlecenia transportowe


On the basis of previously prepared information about the planned transport or transport contract, SOOT enables forwarding transport orders to selected forwarders and carriers. The system can be configured so that the forwarder will have a specified time to confirm the acceptance of the order or reject it. In addition, by pressing one button in the SOOT system, information about a new order will be sent to the forwarder:



    • onto his panel in the system
    • by e-mail to the predefined e-mail address
    • by a text message to the predefined phone number


The forwarder and the carrier are obliged to provide the necessary notification data and select a free time slot.

Due to the system's accurate recording of all stages of order processing and time stamping, it is possible to thoroughly analyse bottlenecks throughout the entire logistics process and eliminate irregularities.

Apart from handling single transport orders, you can send to forwarders batches of orders prepared for different transports to be made over a certain period or to transport a certain product volume.

With the functionality of electronic transport orders in SOOT:


    • You will automate the transfer of transport orders to carriers and forwarders, having constant control over the process of their implementation
    • By using the auction and tender module and implemented price list support, you will select the most advantageous forwarders to carry out given transports, reducing transport costs by up to 35% per year
    • You will reduce by up to 80% the number of phone, fax and e-mail contacts with forwarders in the scope of reconciliation of notification data and deadlines for trucks arrival
    • You will reduce to 1 minute the time needed to prepare a transport order and forward it to the carrier
    • You will allow freight forwarders to correct their notification data up to several dozen minutes before arrival at the plant, eliminating the need to rewrite transport documents multiple times
    • Thanks to the integration of IT systems (SOOT and e.g. ERP), you will eliminate multiple repetitions of the same activities by different employees
    • You will simplify and significantly shorten the process of settlements with forwarders, because you will work on the same, undeniable data
    • You will allow your customers to view the stages of delivery, enabling them to better plan the collection of your products
    • You will gather in one place numerous data enabling comprehensive analyzes and eliminating bottlenecks or irregularities




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