Yard Management

Thanks to the Yard Management module, SOOT improves truck service on site. After transport notification and choosing a convenient time slot, the carrier arrives at the plant / warehouse / distribution center for the goods or with the goods.


SOOT allows you to register all stages of service for such a carrier, including:

    • Recording the fact of car arrival at the parking lot
    • Call the driver to enter the plant
    • Entering the plant
    • Inter-weighing (optional)
    • Loading / unloading start
    • Loading / unloading end
    • Departure from the plant

The system enables cooperation and sharing information among supply chain participants in a uniform way:


    • Security guards - record the arrival of the car and record the time of entry and exit from the plant. They have at their disposal optional additional functionalities related to formal service, taking into account: GDPR requirements, regulations of movement within the plant, etc. They also receive alarms about prolonged stay of the car on the plant's premises
    • Dispatchers in warehouses - call drivers to a specific loading dock and register the beginning and end of loading. They also have a constant overview of shipments that are planned, delayed or on time
    • Carriers (drivers) - receiving information from the SOOT system (e.g. via SMS) about subsequent actions to be performed or warning messages
    • Logistics - thanks to intuitive and legible panels, they can continuously monitor the progress of handling transport orders and the use of time slots
    • Information about the status of the shipment can also be tracked by customers (suppliers and recipients), thanks to the tracking functionality

What benefits of the Yard Management module implementation are named by our clients?


    • Definite improvement in loading and unloading planning
    • In connection with the functionality of notification and time slots, the registration of the vehicle and driver by security staff has been simplified, and the time of formal and administrative service at the gate has been reduced to the necessary minimum (less than 1 minute)
    • By registering delays in the delivery of the car by the forwarder in relation to the planned notification and the appropriate response from logistics, 60 to 80% of cars currently arrive on time
    • The waiting time for loading / unloading has been reduced by up to 3 hours
    • Ongoing recording of events on the premises of the plant (entry, loading, unloading, departure, etc.) has made it easier for employees to react to unforeseen situations, making the service as smooth as possible
    • Due to the timestamping of all service stages, the number of irregularities and bottlenecks has been significantly reduced
    • Communication with the customer regarding the delivery of information on the planned delivery date has been improved




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