SOOT System

SOOT has a various number of functions and possibilities - click on a selected topic to read the detailed information. Also learn more about licensing models and deployment options. 
If you have not found the answer to the issues you are interested in - call or e-mail us - we will gladly provide additional explanations or set up a convenient date for the system presentation - remote or at your company's headquarters.

General information

Familiarize yourself with the basic information about the SOOT system. See who it is intended for and which problems in logistics can be eliminated.

Cooperation with carriers and forwardersi

Collaborate on the terms you specify. Act with a trusted group of carriers or be open to establish cooperation with companies from the market. Limit phone calls, e-mails and unnecessary misunderstandings when exchanging information.

Inquiries about transport

The cost of transport is one of the components that should be included in the total cost of a product or service that is later sold. See how to improve the exchange of information between the sales department and logistics and accelerate the quotation process.

Transport planning

If air is not the product which you sell, then it is not worth to pay the cost of transporting it... so combine orders from customers or send goods by another means of transport. Take advantage of the help of the SOOT system and optimize the amount and cost of your transports.

Auctions and tenderst

SOOT provides the functionality of a private transport exchange, in which it is possible to organize tenders and auctions. The way you use the functionality and how you set the formal rules of cooperation depends entirely on your company.

Transport contracts

Hundreds of transports, thousands of tons to transport? Create bulk orders, split transports yourself or let the system split them within a given time. The SOOT system will monitor the degree of contract implementation informing about potential threats in its timely completion.

Electronic transport orders

Do not enter the same information unnecessarily again. The SOOT system will transfer all required entries to the order form and automatically complete with additional data. Then just one click and the order will be forwarded to the selected carrier.

Transport notifications

Transfer to carriers and forwarders the obligation to complete data regarding the car and the driver performing the transport. Avoid unnecessary mistakes and unnecessary phone connections on the line: carrier - logistics - security guards.

Time slots

Improve your warehouse operation and avoid unnecessary queues of trucks. Allow carriers or contractors to choose the time of arrival that suits them best. React immediately in the event of equipment failure or employee absence by changing the available time slots.

Yard Management System

Provide efficient service and communication with specially designed interfaces for security and warehouse staff, guiding trucks to specific warehouse docks. Strengthen safety on the plant's premises by constantly monitoring the movement of vehicles.

Shipment tracking

Where's the transport? This question can be asked by practically every person involved in the process. Thanks to the SOOT system, each interested party can view the current status of transport - without the need of making phone calls or sending emails.

Analyses and reports

The SOOT system collects large amounts of data at every stage, which displayed in the form of available analyses and reports can provide valuable information helpful in making the right decisions to improve and optimize the area of transport logistics.

Options and configuration

Take advantage of the rich experience of existing SOOT system users, thanks to whom the available configuration includes support for many different cases. In a non-standard situation, do not return to Excel or manual work - continue your work in the SOOT system.

ERP integration

The size of the organization, the way processes are implemented, and the IT solutions held so far, can influence the decision about integration or its lack. System presentation and joint discussions will help in optimal selection.


Cloud computing, own server or maybe hosting? Regardless of the choice made, the licensing rules are clear and transparent allowing for accurate TCO estimation. Choose the optimal solution for your organization.


The implementation time depends on the decision on the scope and final shape of the system. Regardless of this, the implementation should end with the commissioning of the system in a configuration ensuring compliance with previously set goals.