Transport contracts

kontrakty transportowe


Preparation of data about scheduled transports or sales contracts is the basic functionality of the SOOT system in the transport handling process. Thanks to the openness of the system, SOOT enables obtaining this information directly from ERP systems or other IT systems used in the enterprise.

What, where, and when it should be transported can be forwarded to SOOT, e.g. from a customer order or a sales invoice. The role of SOOT is to select the best forwarders to carry out the above transport and to provide the ERP system with notification information and transport costs agreed with the carriers.

SOOT will also allow you to flexibly plan the schedule the arriving time of cars by freight forwarders, adjusting it to the company's production capacity and taking into account allowable time slots.

the best offers from the market.



By handling transportation contracts in SOOT:


    • You will automate the process of forwarding transport orders to carriers and forwarders, maintaining constant control over the process of contract implementation
    • You will plan car arrivals tailored to your own production capacity
    • You will reduce by up to 80% the number of telephone and fax contacts with forwarders
    • In a simple and intuitive way you will organize a tender or auction for the implementation of a given transport contract, reducing transport costs by up to 35% per year
    • Thanks to the integration of IT systems (SOOT and ERP), you will eliminate multiple repetitions of the same activities by different employees
    • You will transfer some of the administrative work to freight forwarders, e.g. the need to enter notification data or planning arrivals
    • You will simplify and significantly shorten the process of settlements with forwarders, because you will work on the same, undeniable data, containing, for example, the number of transports made or the total time of delays in deliveries for a given contract
    • You will replace the painstaking administrative work of your employees with control and monitoring activities




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