Online auctions, tenders and RFQs

Aukcje i konkursy ofert SOOT

The Auction, Tender and RFQ module is an integral part of the SOOT system. By gathering information in one central database, it enables the company to obtain the best market offers for transportation services.

Depending on the methodology adopted in the company, the system allows you to conduct tender contests for annual transport contracts or one-off transport. It also allows you to place single RFQs and conducting online auctions, in which invited freight forwarders and carriers bid a lower amount.

The whole system is very easy to use for users and transparent for auditors (documents are created automatically after each auction and tender procedure).

The system leaves logisticians the freedom to finally choose the best offers, automating the forwarding of transport orders to designated forwarders or carriers.


The feedback received from the clients, using the Auction and Tender module of SOOT shows that::

    • The annual cost of transport has been reduced from 4.72% to even ... 35%, without involving additional human resources
    • The method of collecting tender offers from carriers has been put in order, reducing labor consumption by up to 70%
    • The number of carriers offering their transport services has been increased several times, without the need to increase employment
    • In periods of increased demand for transport and in situations not covered by annual contracts, a significant reduction in costs was achieved through fast transport auctions
    • The number of phone calls, faxes and e-mail contacts with freight forwarders was reduced by several dozen percent
    • Thanks to the uniform database, the time of all audits in forwarding departments has been significantly shortened, obtaining the necessary reports with a few mouse clicks or through quick data export to Excel sheets
    • Automatic archiving of the tender process with the possibility of creating reports was made possible

Interesting fact: In one of our client's auctions, carriers bided over 300 times. Would someone ask (by phone or e-mail) so many times about the price when bargaining with bidders?



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