Options and configuration

The SOOT system has advanced configuration options. They relate to various aspects of the system's functioning, including:

extended user management options taking into account the requirements of the GDPR:

    • the ability to activate various types of accounts: logistics, warehouseman, contractor, carrier, etc.
    • individual determination of the scope of rights, e.g. read / write, visibility of menu elements or individual elements in selected interfaces
    • detailed system access rights, e.g. selected days of the week, hours, login limits, white / black list of IP addresses, etc.
    • individual settings of the communication language used when accessing the interfaces and sending messages to individual users
    • record of operations on personal data
    • handling of regulations and formal consents, including the possibility of obtaining signature scans
    • functionality of anonymization of personal data - both on the basis of automatic rules and on demand

options responsible for "reflecting reality":

    • the ability to recreate the corporate organizational structure to provide adequate insight into data processed in the system - e.g. parent company, subsidiary companies, related entities
    • detailed configuration of locations for carrying out logistics operations - starting from the plant, through, gates, warehouses, docks - both for own and external locations, e.g. contractors, distribution centers
    • creating and saving repetitive routes including several loading / unloading places, various types of transport, with the possibility of creating price lists per km, ton, pallet, freight for individual carriers


dictionary options, translation mechanism and document template editor:

    • the ability to independently create dictionaries and edit its individual items
    • access to the system in 3 main languages: Polish, English and German, as well as the optional option of starting the system in an additional required language version
    • the ability to freely modify the texts displayed in the system interfaces to reflect the usual terms used in the company, e.g. replacing the word "transport" with the word "freight"
    • the ability to create various document templates in the internal editor, e.g. different types of transport orders due to the type of goods being shipped and the need to place additional entries


options related to keeping the goods list:

    • adding and editing items: names, indexes, various units of measure
    • the ability to define the characteristics of goods related to, e.g., the required mode of transport - ADR, controlled temperature
    • adding goods to product groups, which can then be assigned service on specific days at specific warehouses


and a number of other settings affecting the automation and validation of activities performed in the system

CImportantly, the availability of these options through a clear and legible interface of settings means that the user is not dependent on the solution provider, but can make these changes himself, often saving time and money. Despite proper training for the system administrator and the fact that a large part of the settings is carried out at the implementation stage - at any time, the user also has the option of using the help of our employees who will help you change the system settings by phone or remotely.



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