Analyzes and reports


The SOOT system, as a platform based on a uniform database, collects information entered by all participants of the logistics process, from employees of sales departments, through logistics, forwarders and carriers and their drivers, to security staff and dispatchers in warehouses, and on customers (suppliers and recipients) ending.

Such a large amount of information collected in one place gives the possibility of comprehensive analyses, drawing conclusions and continuous improvement of processes.

The unique functionality of saving to the database any changes and adjustments made by users (history of changes on the document) has more than once allowed to determine the causes of a specific problem.

Considering the strength of habits, as well as the possible need for further processing of collected data, the SOOT system has built-in mechanisms for exporting most data and summaries to Excel files.



Thanks to the functions available in the SOOT system:


    • Customers reduced the time needed to prepare reports for supervisors by up to 50%
    • The credibility of the reported data has been increased
    • Transport costs were reduced by renegotiating contracts with freight forwarders and reducing their service times on site
    • The efficiency and comfort of work were improved by enabling auditors to work in the system, which gave way to stress related to the personal meetings
    • By marking with time stamp and user ID all records and changes in the system, numerous irregularities and dishonesty have been eliminated




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