Integration with ERP


Depending on the needs, scale of operations and the degree of expected automation of business processes, there may be a need to integrate currently used solutions, e.g. ERP or WMS class with SOOT system.


The scope and method of integration is determined with the client fully individually depending on the system, the degree of expected automation or the possibility of modifying the software.

Due to the fact that integration extends the time necessary to implement the system, it is often the next stage of system development at the client's. Thanks to this approach, the company can start to benefit faster from the most important improvements resulting from the functionality of the SOOT system, and then make additional optimizations.

Experience in Integration


    • Over the years, we have gained experience in integrating the SOOT system with solutions of leaders on the ERP market - such as SAP, IFS, Microsoft or Comarch.
    • We also have knowledge and skills that allow us to integrate with other solutions operating in the company. Due to the functional range supported by SOOT, these solutions may most often include WMS systems, weighing systems, access control systems (barriers, LPR cameras, RFID cards)


Examples screenshots


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