Implementation of the SOOT system in the Alumetal Group

Alumetal Group, which includes within its structures the company Alumetal S.A., Alumetal Poland sp.z o.o. with three production plants in Kęty, Gorzyce and Nowa Sól, Alumetal Group Hungary Kft. and T + S sp.z o.o. started using the SOOT system.


Alumetal Group is one of the biggest in Europe modern and dynamically developing manufacturer of secondary aluminium casting alloys. Current production capacity of the four production plants amounts to 250 000 tons per year. Apart from production of secondary alloys,  Alumetal Group specializes in production of master alloys, so called aluminium master alloys, aluminium for steel deoxidation and also fluxes and salts, which are produced by T+S company. Over 90% of customers come from the automotive market sector.

The implementation of the SOOT system was aimed at improving cooperation with contractors in the area of ​​delivery. The system has been integrated with the ERP system used, which has enabled additional optimization of the supported process.

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