What is SOOT

Optimise your transport and logistics

Streamline internal and external communication

Reduce transportation costs

Reduce car queues in front of your plant

Make your work more efficient

What is SOOT

SOOT is an online transportation portal for each and every company. It allows all supply chain users to communicate in one place.


Transport ordering, cooperation with forwarders, control of transport status and car service at the plant have never been so easy. You are still to cooperate with your accepted forwarders and carriers, gathering, at the same time,the information that can be of use in future negotiations (details of delivery delays or transparent bid comparisons, etc.).


With SOOT you can also relieve forwarding and sales departments as well as warehouse and other staff of their duties, by automating many activities and moving the requirement to fill in some information onto forwarders, carriers, drivers or suppliers/ offtakers.


With SOOT you can handle the following supply chain process:

  • Win forwarders and carriers for cooperation
  • With the Auction and Tender module you can get the best sales bids from approved forwarders and carriers
  • Price transportation for any unit (for 100 units of the product transported, for example)
  • Draft transportation contracts and oversee their performance along with the transport schedules
  • Order transport digitally from selected forwarders and carriers
  • Compel forwarders to notify their arrivals, controlling the capacity of available time windows
  • With the Yard Management functionality, you can improve the car service process in front of and at the plant
  • Notify all the parties concerned (the client, logistics officer and forwarder) of the current dispatch status
  • Deliver all-inclusive analyses and breakdowns thanks to accumulation of the whole information in one database


  • you want to arrange transport services in a systemic, transparent and cheap manner
  • staff spend most of their time compiling and reconciling the acquisition data indispensable for issuing a transport order
  • communication with carriers gets too arduous for you
  • you are considering increasing the group of carriers, but you are worrying about the related headcount increase at the same time
  • car queues in front of your plant become an issue or you start lacking parking spots in your parking area
  • you order many transports
  • you are preparing yourself for handling transports in new routes
  • you think that you have negotiated the best prices for the routes serviced
  • your superiors compel you to cut back the transportation costs
  • you have problems with clearing the services provided by carriers
  • you bear delivery delay costs
  • you have other problems with transport service, not listed above or
  • you spend too much time planning, arranging or overseeing transport services

you certainly need SOOT – a flexible, multilingual application with a cutting-edge user interface and friendly licensing procedure.