Make your work more efficient

The situation where staff are overburdened – the case of many companies – is often the consequence of too many clerical duties and activity overlapping. Use of the SOOT system and its feature of easy cooperation with external IT systems (like SAP/ERP) improve work efficiency by several dozen per cent.

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Work efficiency

Do not increase working time, improve efficiency.

Instead of considering headcount increase, that will solve the problem only partly, we recommend implementation of the SOOT system whose effectiveness never declines.


The benefits that SOOT brought to our clients in that regard:



1) Thanks to integration with the ERP systems we eliminated activity overlapping at our company.


2) By shifting the duty of notifying data input to forwarders / carriers, we shortened by even 80% the time that the forwarding department staff need to acquire these details.


3) The Transport Orders functionality in SOOT caused the forwarding department staff to act now as process supervisors and not attend to clerical duties.


4) Acquisition of transportation bids from the market has never been so easy as it is today in the Auction and Tender module of SOOT. Whether bids are made by a few or a few thousand bidders does not really matter here.


5) By planning the utilisation of time windows, we managed to minimise the warehouse peaks considerably. Work became steadier and less stressful, both for warehouse dispatchers and drivers.


6) Clients awaiting their goods do not engage staff any longer, as they can check their dispatch status on their own.


7) By assembling all the necessary items of information in one database, we managed to reduce the average time of any report development for the superior by even 70%.



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