The SOOT system is offered as an online company transport portal.The system licence is granted to a company/ enterprise for a fee. Individual fees depend on:

  • selected functionality modules
  • number of contractors in one company and
  • number of language versions

The number of system users (logistics officers, sales officers, forwarders, suppliers and offtakers, etc.) under one licence is unlimited.


The system is offered for free to forwarders and carriers, and also to the companies cooperating with the licensee.


Irrespective of the cooperation model discussed below, no fees are charged for the number of the transactions made in the SOOT system.


The SOOT system licence can be purchased in three ways:

  • traditional software licence purchase (as is the case with computer software). Then, the company launches the system on their own IT servers and resources, at their Data Processing Centre
  • SOOT system use in the cloud as an IT service, paid for with small subscription fees. Then, the company does not bear the purchase costs of the software licence or hardware indispensable for system activation. The only thing that a company user needs is an internet browser and internet access
  • mixed version – the company buys a user licence of the SOOT system with the service provided by the Data Processing Centre of the manufacturer (ZETO S.A. company). This model is frequently used when a company plans to move the SOOT system to their own IT resources in the future, but for the time being they do not have the indispensable resources or money to do so.

We are convinced that you will find both our prices and sales models as well as our flexibility a nice surprise.

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