Get rid of car queues in front of the plant

For each company, handling those awaiting car loading or unloading can be a real challenge. Companies manage this challenge in different ways. They build new parking lots, increase staff at day peaks or in peak seasons, hire staff overtime or invest in expensive digital boards, etc.


Loading and unloading waiting times

Car provision



With the “time windows” functionality of the SOOT system, the problem is reduced practically to zero without the company having to make extra outlays.


What benefits did SOOT bring to our clients?
1) Instead of building new parking spots, the hours of transport provision were set more evenly by forwarders and carriers.

2) The loading and unloading waiting times were considerably shortened – even by approximately 3 hours on the average.

3) The Yard Management module also proved conducive to a considerable reduction in demurrage charges collected by forwarders, that is the costs of car stopover in front of the gate and gate queuing.

4) Logging of car provision delays from the scheduled notificationon the part of the forwarder causes from 60% to 80% of cars to arrive on time today.

5) The simplicity of recording the fact of car provision by security guards – thanks to the earlier digital Transport Order and Notifications – shortens the handling time at the gate to the indispensable minimum (below 1 minute).

6) Vast adaptation of time windows span to the current or future situation enables flexible service planning for the so-called peaks.

7) Thanks to booking time windows for both Franco- and Loco- like transports, and also for the autonomous deliveries of raw materials by suppliers, the time indispensable for agreeing on such transports was reduced even by 50%.

8) Continuous logging of plant events (entry, loading, unloading, exit, etc.) enables dynamic staff response to unexpected situations, making service as seamless as only possible.



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