No, neither the carrier nor the forwarder has to pay the SOOT registration costs.

No. To use the SOOT system you need a PC, internet access and an internet browser, and this is the gear your need to ensure for your staff. Both carriers and forwarders can use the SOOT system for free.

We configure each client’s page separately, so every client of ours builds their own database of carriers and forwarders. The systems are not interfaced with one another in any manner, although they function similarly. You can register on our page: www.baza.soot.pl where we create a database of carriers and forwarders which we make available to our Clients.

This decision rests with you. The persons registering the company in the system has the right to add new users and grant them rights to log onto the system. Further, a few employees can work using one login at the same time. When you register with various clients of ours, you can have the same login and password, but you need to log onto each page separately.

On the www.demo.soot.pl website and on each client’s website, there is a tab with the registration manual. Later, after logging onto SOOT, you will find the manuals how to participate in tender procedures and auctions (available in the “for downloading” tab). You can register as the carrier in our demo system: http://demo.soot.pl where we arrange dummy auctions and tender procedures and where you can learn how SOOT works.