Digital transport orders

Automate forwarding transport orders to selected carriers and forwarders

Simplify communication of transport order details with forwarders

Compel your forwarders to accept or reject orders within a certain time span

Allow your forwarders to schedule their arrivals and let them input notification data of the driver and car

Monitor the progress status of the transport order from its dispatch to the forwarder to client delivery confirmation

Digital transport orders

With the use of the earlier prepared details of the transportation contract, SOOT allows you to forward transport orders to the selected forwarders and carriers. The system can be so configured as to set for the forwarder the time to accept or reject the order. Further, with one click, the SOOT system will notify the forwarder about the new order:

  • onto their system panel
  • by e-mail to the predefined e-mail address
  • by a text message to the predefined phone number
  • and you will be also able to call the answering machine of the carrier and inform them about the pending order

The duty to give the indispensable notification data and choose the free time window is shifted onto the forwarders and carriers.


Thanks to the system logging exactly all the order processing stages and marking them with time stamps, all bottlenecks can be thoroughly analysed in the logistics process while irregularities can be eliminated.


Apart from handling single transport orders, you can send to forwarders batches of orders prepared for different transports to be made over a certain period or to transport a certain product volume.


With the functionality of digital transport orders in SOOT:

  • You will automate the process of forwarding and distributing transport orders to carriers and forwarders, keeping continuous control over their processing
  • Using the Auction and Tender module and the implemented service of pricing lists, you will select the best forwarders to make given transports, reducing the transportation costs by even 35% per year
  • You will cut down the number of phone, fax and e-mail contacts with forwarders dedicated to agreeing on the notification data and car provision dates by 80% even
  • You will shorten the time needed to prepare a transport order and forward it to the carrier to even one minute
  • You will allow forwarders to adjust their notificationdata even several dozen minutes before arrival at the plant, eliminating thus the need to re-write transport documents many times
  • You will eliminate multiple repetition of the same activities by various employees by integrating the IT (SOOT and SAP/ERP, for example) systems
  • You will streamline and markedly shorten the process of clearings with forwarders, because you will be working on the same, unquestionable data
  • You will allow your clients to view all the delivery stages, whereby collection of your manufacture can be better scheduled
  • You will gather varied data at one place, whereby you will be able to make all-embracing analyses and eliminate bottlenecks or irregularities


  • you want to arrange transport services in a systemic, transparent and cheap manner
  • staff spend most of their time compiling and reconciling the acquisition data indispensable for issuing a transport order
  • communication with carriers gets too arduous for you
  • you are considering increasing the group of carriers, but you are worrying about the related headcount increase at the same time
  • car queues in front of your plant become an issue or you start lacking parking spots in your parking area
  • you order many transports
  • you are preparing yourself for handling transports in new routes
  • you think that you have negotiated the best prices for the routes serviced
  • your superiors compel you to cut back the transportation costs
  • you have problems with clearing the services provided by carriers
  • you bear delivery delay costs
  • you have other problems with transport service, not listed above or
  • you spend too much time planning, arranging or overseeing transport services

you certainly need SOOT – a flexible, multilingual application with a cutting-edge user interface and friendly licensing procedure.