Cut back transportation costs at your company.

Analyses show that transportation costs can represent even 10% of the goods price. Reduction of these costs can prove crucial to the competitiveness of your products in the market.


Transportation costs can represent even 10% of the goods price.

With SOOT you can shorten the transport order processing time even by 80%



With SOOT  you can really profit from transport arrangement and ordering process. The surveys made among our clients show that:

1) The Auction and Tender module of SOOT allowed us to cut back the transportation costs from 4.72% to even … 35% per year, without involving extra human resources..

2) The Yard Management module of SOOT practically eliminated car queues at the gates, whereby some clients did not have to invest several millions in new parking lots.

3) The Yard Management module also proved conducive to a considerable reduction of demurrage charges collected by forwarders, that is the costs of car stopover in front of the gate and gate queuing.

4) The Transport Orders and Notifications module markedly (from 30% to 80%) shortened the time of development and agreement of Transport Orders. Analyses took into account the time indispensable for agreeing the transport inside the company (by individual departments: commerce, forwarding, warehouse, etc.) and by the company with the forwarder (when, what, who and with which will transport).

5) SOOT ensures that all supply chain participants work on the same data, whereby the clearing time for transportation costs with forwarders and inside the company is considerably shortened (through integration with ERP systems) and errors are practically eliminated.

6) The SOOT functionality, whereby all the items of information are assembled in one shared database, supports development of all-embracing analyses, breakdowns or reports within much shorter time span.




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