Auctions and tender procedures

Collect proposals from all bidders in a flash – no e-mails, phone calls, faxes or letters

Let the bidders compete with one another in an open and transparent manner

Although it can seem impossible to you – get even better market prices

Stop fearing audits and auditors

Cooperate with your trusted forwarders and carriers only

Auctions and tender procedures

The Auction and Tender module – receiving very favourable opinions from our clients – is an integral part of the SOOT system. By gathering information in one central database, it enables the company to obtain the top market offers for transportation services.


Conditional on the procedure methodology adopted by the company, the system can support making auctions for bids for annual transportation contracts or for one-off transports only. In the system, you can inquire about the transportation costs during the auctions where invited forwarders and carriers bid lower and lower.


The system is very easy to use by users and is transparent for auditors (documents are created automatically after each auction and tender procedure).


The system allows logistics officers to ultimately choose the most favourable bids through automating future transfer of transport orders to selected forwarders and carriers.


The feedback received from the clients using the Auction and Tender module of SOOT reads that:

  • The transportation costs were cut back from 4.72% to even … 35% per year, without involving extra human resources
  • The process of gathering bids from carriers was lined up, whereby labour intensity was reduced by 70% even
  • The database of carriers offering transportation services was increased a few times, without the need to raise headcount
  • During transport peaks and situations not covered by annual contracts, a visible cost reduction was obtained with quick transport auctions
  • The number of phone calls made and of faxes and e-mails exchanged with forwarders was lowered by several dozen per cent
  • Thanks to the uniform database, the time of any and all audits conducted at forwarding departments was shortened, while all the indispensable reports became available with a few mouse clicks or via fast data export to Excel files
  • Tender procedures were archived automatically with the reporting option at hand

One curiosity: During one of the auctions held by our client, carriers bade over 300 times. Would anyone have inquired that many times about the price, bargaining with bidders manually only (by e-mail or over a phone)?



  • you want to arrange transport services in a systemic, transparent and cheap manner
  • staff spend most of their time compiling and reconciling the acquisition data indispensable for issuing a transport order
  • communication with carriers gets too arduous for you
  • you are considering increasing the group of carriers, but you are worrying about the related headcount increase at the same time
  • car queues in front of your plant become an issue or you start lacking parking spots in your parking area
  • you order many transports
  • you are preparing yourself for handling transports in new routes
  • you think that you have negotiated the best prices for the routes serviced
  • your superiors compel you to cut back the transportation costs
  • you have problems with clearing the services provided by carriers
  • you bear delivery delay costs
  • you have other problems with transport service, not listed above or
  • you spend too much time planning, arranging or overseeing transport services

you certainly need SOOT – a flexible, multilingual application with a cutting-edge user interface and friendly licensing procedure.