Analyses and reports

Shorten markedly the time needed to develop analyses and reports

Start making the analyses you were not able to make earlier

Improve processes and procedures

Eliminate irregularities and bottlenecks

Working on shared data, negotiate with forwarders better terms and conditions or better quality of their services

Analyses and reports

Since SOOT is a uniform database-based platform, it gathers information inputted by all participants of the logistical process, starting with the sales department staff, through logistics officers, forwarders, carriers and their drivers plus security guards and warehouse dispatchers and ending with clients (suppliers and offtakers).


Having such a big volume of data stored in one place, you can make all-embracing analyses, draw conclusions and improve the process on an ongoing basis.


The unique functionality of saving any and all users’ changes and adjustments (with documents in track changes mode) in the database made it possible more than once to establish the root causes of a given problem.


Further, SOOT has embedded export mechanisms for most data and breakdowns as Excel files which can be used to develop even more in-depth reports and analyses.


Thanks to the SOOT system features:

  • Clients shortened the time of report development for their superiors even by 50%
  • The credibility of data reported was improved
  • Transportation costs were cut back by negotiating contracts with forwarders and shortening their handling times at the plant
  • Work was made more efficient and comfortable by allowing auditors to work in the system, whereby the stress of so-called “being called on the carpet” was eliminated
  • With time stamps and user identifiers used to mark any and all system records and changes, numerous irregularities and cases of dishonesty were eradicated


  • you want to arrange transport services in a systemic, transparent and cheap manner
  • staff spend most of their time compiling and reconciling the acquisition data indispensable for issuing a transport order
  • communication with carriers gets too arduous for you
  • you are considering increasing the group of carriers, but you are worrying about the related headcount increase at the same time
  • car queues in front of your plant become an issue or you start lacking parking spots in your parking area
  • you order many transports
  • you are preparing yourself for handling transports in new routes
  • you think that you have negotiated the best prices for the routes serviced
  • your superiors compel you to cut back the transportation costs
  • you have problems with clearing the services provided by carriers
  • you bear delivery delay costs
  • you have other problems with transport service, not listed above or
  • you spend too much time planning, arranging or overseeing transport services

you certainly need SOOT – a flexible, multilingual application with a cutting-edge user interface and friendly licensing procedure.